Burapat Comics Publications Co., Ltd. is a Thai publishing company that focuses on
Comics from all over the world. We established in April 8th1999.

At present our major publication are licensed from many well known Hong Kong Comics
Publication Companies such as the following;
-   Jade Dynasty Publications Limited
-   Jonesky Limited
-   Culturecom Limited
-   Ming Ho publication Corporation
-   CaCa planning International Limited
-   Lion King Limited
-   Concord Publishing Ltd.
-   Happy Publishing Ltd.
-   Colour Comics Production Co., Ltd.
-   Ocean Creative Co., Ltd.
-   C-Boy Comics Limited
Apart from Hong Kong we also publish the licensed publications from most famous Japanese Publishers such as following companies;
-   Shogakukan Inc.
-   Kodansha Limited
-   Media Works Inc.
-   Leed Publishing Co., Ltd.
-   Nihonbungeisha Inc.
-   Akita Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.
-   Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd.
-   Jive Ltd.
-   Futabasha Publishers Co., Ltd.
-   Enterbrain Inc.
From Taiwan, we get license from Lin Cheng-Te Author's Office, Tong Li Publishing
Co., Ltd. and

From South Korea, we get the licensed from Korean Publishers such as Daiwon C.I.
Inc., Blacktan Publishers Inc., Samyang Publishing Co., Ltd., Haksan Publishing Co.,
Ltd., Seju Cultural Co. Ltd., and Soeul Cultural Publishers Inc.

Our present average publications capacity is around 30-40 pocket book titles per
month together with weekly comics magazine called "A-Week". We managed the
publication and distribution with our interchain publishing and Distrubution Company
called Book 4 You Co., Ltd..

For our in-house comics we established Action Frame Co., Ltd.. This studio focuses
on produce our own local comics and characters. Our previous works "Legend of
Angels" was displayed in the 5th World Manga Summit Exhibition that held in Hong
Kong. Our new release "Romance of the crocodile slayer" and Chalenjor The Legend
are also well known among Thai reader.

Our contact addresses are following;
Burapat Comics Publications Co., Ltd.

Head Office : 102/1 Phra-A-Tit Rd., Pranakorn, Bangkok, 10200, Thailand

Tel.: (662)629-4697, (662)629-4699 or (662)629-4488 ext 1154-1156,

Fax: (662)629-4698

Action Frame Co., Ltd.

Comics Production Department : 102/1 Phra-A-Tit Rd., Pranakorn, Bangkok, 10200 Thailand

Tel.: (662)629-4695, (662)629-4696 or (662)629-4488 ext 1165-1166,

Fax: (662)629-4698

Book 4 You Co., Ltd.

Marketing/ Account and Financial/ HR Department : 219 Soi Nomchit, Rimklongpapra Rd., Bangsue, Bangkok, 10800 Thailand

Tel.: (662)587-8192, (662)587-8499, Fax: (662)587-8500

Our official website for reference is :

Դǻ: burapat@burapat.com
Դͺ, 觫˹ѧ(»աТ) : sale@burapat.com
0-2587-8499 24 Fax 0-2587-8500

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